Massachusetts recently required doctors to screen all children and young adults on Medicaid (the state-federal health-insurance program for low-income people) for mental illness.

At least one columnist supports the move.
The piece mainly focuses on children, but Saulnier’s common-sense insight is also valuable to young adults being diagnosed with mental illness for the first time.

Children and families with mental health concerns need support, and options - just as they do when a child is diagnosed with any other serious illness.

Given that many young adults no longer live with their parents or are away at school, some of her other suggestions don’t apply. However, it’s worth considering what role parents can play in helping their adult children live with a mental illness.

Many severe mental illnesses aren’t diagnosed until people are in their late teens or early 20s, but early screenings can give children and parents something to watch out for later.
Maybe Medicaid coverage now can help mitigate the future cost of treating mental health.