The future of this game show remained hazy

Much has been written lately about the drama surrounding the next host of “Jeopardy!” (I weighed in last month for While You Were Working SmartBrief regarding the Mike Richards situation and gave the “Jeopardy!” powers that be some unsolicited advice.) I highly recommend Esquire’s interview with The Ringer’s Claire McNear, who broke the story about Richards’ problematic past and podcasts. McNear thinks the core of the show will likely remain the same, no matter who’s in charge, but she also highlights some serious concerns about Richards’ involvement in the search for a new host. (McNear also mentions the close-knit, loyal nature of the “Jeopardy!” contestant community, which I can personally attest to.) Thankfully, there’s still some good news about “Jeopardy!” — such as contestant Matt Amodio’s amazing winning streak, which McNear also reported on — and I hope more will come soon.

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